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Universal Forum Rule.

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Posted on Tue May 22, 2018 11:32 am

General Rules

1- English is default language .

2- No discussion about politics please.

3- Flaming or any other inappropriate behavior towards other members is not allowed.

4- Post should only be posted in Right section.

5- Advertisment of any kind is forbidden.

6- Links to sat uploads,other boards or commercial sites are not allowed in any form including Signatures

7- **** content of any kind is not allowed.

8- Try to use thanks button instead of writing post containing just thank you message.

9- Copyrighted Material is not to be posted without express permission from the owner.

10- No nudity or offensive pictures in avatars.

11- Do not spam the board with useless posts just to boost your post count.

12- Red Colour Is Only For Admins

13- Multiple acounts are not allowed

14- Peer Hunting in Chatbox Not Allowed

15- Members should not post host_ports for exchange in the POST


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